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def EMarket::EMarket::EMarket::refresh_dtml (   self,
  REQUEST = None,
  ignoreDropErrors = 1 

Refresh all the default DTML documents. 

Definition at line 449 of file EMarket.py.

00449                                                               :
        """ Refresh all the default DTML documents. """

        if not self.refreshEnabled:
            raise "Bad Request", "<html><br><br><center><b>Sorry.... no refresh allowed.</b></center></html>"
        errText = []
        errText.append(updateDocsInFolder(self, mainMarketDTML, REQUEST=REQUEST))
        errText.append(updateDocsInFolder(self.marketFolder, marketItemDTML, REQUEST=REQUEST))
        errText.append(updateDocsInFolder(self.shopperFolder, shopperDTML, REQUEST=REQUEST))
        if self.wampumbox:
            errText.append(updateDocsInFolder(self.wampumbox, wampumboxDTML, REQUEST=REQUEST))

        errs = string.join(errText)

        result = "<pre>We've Got Results...:\n" + errs + "</pre>"

        if REQUEST is not None:
            return MessageDialog(
                message=result + '<strong>%s</strong> Has default DTML docs now.' % self.id,
                action ='./manage_main',

        return result

    def set_cookie(self, RESPONSE = None,

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