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def EMarket::EMarket::EMarket::set_cookie (   self,
  RESPONSE = None,
  REQUEST = None,
  path = None,
  parents = None,
  clientCookie = None,
  oldCookie = None 

Check the browser cookie...

Definition at line 476 of file EMarket.py.

        Check the browser cookie...
        if RESPONSE is not None:
            if (path is not None) and (parents is not None):
                cookiePath = self.constructCookieURL(REQUEST, parents, path)
                cookiePath = '/'
            RESPONSE.setCookie('clientCookie', clientCookie, path = cookiePath)

        if oldCookie is not None:
            # we need to copy the temp shopper here and then delete the
            # temporary shopper info....
            # replace the old basket with the new...

            oldShopper = getattr(self.shopperFolder, oldCookie)
            newShopper = getattr(self.shopperFolder, clientCookie)
            newShopper.basket.items = oldShopper.basket.items

        return "clientCookie = '%s', path = '%s'" % (clientCookie, cookiePath)

    def checkEMail(self, email):

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