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EMarket::EMarket::EMarket Class Reference

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Detailed Description

An EMarket class.

Provide the functions needed to contain an online shopping area.

Definition at line 360 of file EMarket.py.

Public Member Functions

def addNewShopper
def addShopper
def assignNewCookie
def checkEMail
def constructAbsURL
def constructCookieURL
def debugPrint
def do_break
def doProductLayout
def findEMail
def findShopper
def getCategories
def getMarketItem
def getShopper
def getValidItemIdsInCategory
def refresh_dtml
def removeMarketItem
def set_cookie

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

string addToCartText = 'Add Item To My Shopping Cart'
 administratorEmail = RegistrationFrom
int allowShoppersToSell = 0
int biddingAllowed = 0
string default_html = ''
int defaultToAuction = 0
string EMarketURL = ''
string icon = 'misc_/EMarket/emarket'
string id = 'emarket'
tuple manage_options
string meta_type = 'EMarket'
string processURL = ''
tuple refresh_warning = HTMLFile('refresh_warning', globals())
int refreshEnabled = 1
string RegistrationFrom = 'manager@'
string RegistrationSubject = 'Registration Information'
int requireLogin = 0
string shoppingCartTitle = 'My Shopping Cart'
string title = 'EMarket Object'

Static Private Attributes

tuple __ac_permissions__
tuple _properties

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